"We had a group of girlfriends for out boating trip and we had a fantastic time! Capt Glen was easy to talk to and was knowledgable about the surroundings, especially the wildlife which was my strong interest. I work in the marine animal field (an aquarist at an aquarium) and I could tell Capt Glen really knew his stuff about the wildlife. I learned some interesting information about Atlantic Bottle-nose dolphins and highly recommend Capt. Glen"

"It was a picture perfect day for a boat ride. I was with a group of friends and we spent the morning on the boat with Captain Glen. We saw tons of dolphins - loved watching them chase each other and follow in the wake of our boat. We also saw dozens of birds - herons, egrets, and others burst out of the mangroves as we flew by. Capt Glen was so nice and hospitable and provided a steady stream of information about the fish, the birds and even a sleep old alligator. Capt Glen is living the dream we all have - leaving the corporate world to pursue a peaceful sunny life in a beautiful place - and leaving us with his philosophy: "Fishing Solves Everything." I will take this trip again - every time I come to Marco!"

"I had the opportunity to take my son who just started college at the University of Florida fishing once last time before he went off to school. Captain Glen was the perfect guide and provided us with an awesome full day fishing trip. We had 2 monster tarpon that really whooped both of us, but my son wanted more. We proceeded to catch redfish and snook while the captain gave us insight on all the live nature surrounding us. I highly recommend Captain Glen when you are in the Naples area for an awesome fishing adventure". Chad White, Jacksonville.

"Unfortunately, I did not book Captain Glen the first time around. He was booked and we needed a trip last minute so we booked another guide. It was an absolutely disaster. The charter outfit put us on a really poorly maintained boat and the captain must of been a teenager. He didn't care if we caught fish or not and kept says "well that's fishing". When we got back to the dock he expected a 30% tip. Come on! Well, I found out that Captain Glen had a cancellation the next day and jumped on it when I met him at the dock. He saved our vacation to say the least. My wife and daughter was not thrilled that I booked ANOTHER fishing trip, so instead I booked a fishing and shelling trip that Captain Glen advised us would be a fun day. He did not disappoint. The shelling was really enjoyed by my wife and daughter and it made me happy seeing them happy. We then did some fishing for redfish and I was very happy. Don't make my mistake, book Captain Glen first and in advance." Nate Schwitzer, Long Island.