Summer Time Fun Fishing For The Kids

Posted on June 26th, 2015

The summer is here and so far the fish. The water temperatures have been very warm and we are finding our best fish early in the morning.  I have had the pleasure of fishing with some great new clients the past couple weeks and a few repeat customers.  With the kids out of school, I have been doing a lot of kids trips.

The main focus when taking kids fishing is safety and rods bending over. I make sure to keep the boat extra squeaky clean when the kids are on board to ensure there are no hooks, line or tackle that they could get a hold of without me watching.

We have been catching redfish, trout and tarpon. When we find the bait, we usually find the fish shortly after. With the kids on board, we switch up the game plan just a little bit and target sheepshead as well. The sheepshead get very big around here and are always a favorite.

Here are some pictures from a few recent trips: