Catching Big Fish

Are you looking to battle one of the really big fish that live inshore and near shore? We encourage FIGHTING with many of the LOCALS including Tarpon, Snook, Reds, Grouper and Sharks. If you want a shot at one of these bruisers, Captain Glen suggests booking a ¾ or full day of fishing.

A little more time will be spent hunting and we will venture a little further from the marina to give you a better advantage to land the BIG ONE! Tarpon often “show themselves” so it’s not difficult to figure out where to cast your bait. If you hook up with one of the Silver Kings get ready for the fight of a lifetime as these battles can often last up to an hour.

Other species are a little more stealth but Captain Glen knows where many of them like to hide out. With a little patience and a few perfect casts your bait will be in front of some monster Snook providing heart pounding strikes. Big Grouper, Reds and Sharks are often found in the same areas so you never know what badass species is going to bite next.

Book a trip with Captain Glen today and let’s go “pick a fight.”